My Terms of Use:

All of the psp tubes you’ll find on this site were tubed by me using images that were found in the public domain. You may use my tubes in your artwork as long as, it’s for your personal use only. My psp tubes are not to be used for commercial purposes (of any kind). I often use my psp tubes to make my signature tags which you can find at my site located HERE. When visiting my tag site, you might also find a tag offer there every once in awhile.

Acceptable uses for using my psp tubes:

#1. For creating header images for your web page, online group, blog or forum.
#2. For creating signature tags that you make for yourself or for creating sets of tag extras that you wish to share with others.
#3. For creating email stationery designs that you make for yourself or stationery that you share with others.
#4. For creating personalized logo’s, avatar’s or icons to use for your web pages.
#5. For creating web page graphics like buttons, borders, backgrounds etc… for your personal use or for sharing with others.

You may NOT share my tubes with others in online groups or by way of emails.
If you’d like to let others know about my tubes, please direct them HERE to my site so they can download them.